Ping Pong Fight Clubs are spectacular inter-company ping pong tournaments and parties held across the UK

An action packed night of no holds barred inter-company ping pong rivalry with VR Ping Pong, Robot Challenges, street food and pop-up bars, DJs, Beer Pong Championships and the ping pong bragging rights of the city!

Fighting Talk

Ping Pong Fight Club provides a great opportunity to bring together your teams around a fun, action-packed and competitive event. Colleagues rally around their players as they battle it out with their opponents and have plenty to look forward to between matches. From beer pong to face painting and of course the well-stocked bar it provides a unique and highly entertaining alternative to corporate social events.
Oliver Schmid – IWOCA
Ping Pong Fight Club, gave our company a great opportunity to not only polish up on our Ping Pong skills, it also gave us a reason to pull together, we spent the entire night shouting hugging and having a ball. The team are still talking about it now and can not wait for next year. This has to be a company bucket list, for any company wanting to unify its business.
Lawrence Kenwright - Chairman Signature Living Group
Imagine if Balls of Fury and Tyler Durden had a baby - You’d have Ping Pong Fight Club. Made even better with the tunes, glitter face painting, and all the mad supporters jumping around with excitement. We’ll be seeing you next year to defend our title
Andrew Gradwell — Head of Product, Sky Betting and Gaming​​

Ping Pong Fight Club is so much more than a tournament


Team-building and engagement

Ping Pong Fight Club brings your teams together and helps forge new friendships


Employee satisfaction and happiness

Reward yourselves, you’ve earnt it! Fight Club is a hugely entertaining and memorable night out for the whole team



Ping Pong Fight Club brings start-ups, sector leaders and global brands together all to play ping pong! Forget the golf course this is the new way to do business!


Workplace well-being

Use Fight Club to kick-start a healthier and more active workplace: a table at your offices is an affordable and easy way to engage and have fun!

Sponsors and Partners

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Fight Club Teams

Some of the teams that have competed…

King Deep Mind Lend Invest Deliveroo Braintree - a PayPal company Zopa Expedia Ticketmaster Lastfm Moo Index Ventures Funding Circle Logo