Ppfc Brs Bishop Fleming
Posted: 12/11/2019

Ping Pong Fight Club Bristol 2019 - A city that knows how to ping pong party!

“An unforgettable evening and an electric atmosphere. It is very unique and something that has to be done. I can confirm PRG will definitely be attending next year (if we are invited back) to defend our loudest supporters’ trophy” Michael Collins - PRG

A huge thank you to all our amazing companies who made it a record-breaking attendance at Ping Pong Fight Club Bristol 2019. The energy, camaraderie and all-round tongue-in-cheekiness, not to mention the fierce ping pong rivalry, made for a spectacular and memorable night at Paintworks.

PPFC Bristol 2019 line up:

  • Bishop Fleming All Women’s Team – We sent a Table Tennis England coach to their offices to get them ‘tournament ready’. They were all magnificent on the night and truly embodied the Ping Pong Fight Club spirit, demonstrating some silky skills, wit and gritty determination!
  • Bishop Fleming’s A Team – Surging into PPFC Bristol for the first time, left their mark at the tables and the bar!
  • MDE Group- Arrived at Fight Club for the first time with two teams and served up a brilliant brand of humour and ping pong prowess!
  • GDS – Rowdy, unruly, disruptive…can’t wait to have them back next year!
  • PRG - Ping Pong Fight Club winners of the loudest supporters trophy and newly crowned doubles champs.
  • One Hit Wonders – Ping Pong Fight Club Bristol Champions 2019! They took off and never landed (they do actually work for Bristol Airport)
  • Bacardi - High-energy fun-loving group of movers and shakers with enough energy to light up a small city, we’ll be sure to plug in again with them next year!
  • Granite Consulting Wit, humour and some fancy footwork are key ingredients at Fight Club, okay well maybe not the fancy footwork!
  • Unite Students – Keen as mustard, returned to do battle for the second year running.
  • Smith and Williamson – Reigning champs they returned with a new team of smiling assassins but just missed out on the big one, bagging the Chancers Championship trophy this time around.
  • Six Degrees – Leading tech event specialists’ and runners-up now for two years running, must do better!
  • BJSS – PPFC Newbies a thend UK’s leading privately-owned IT and business consultancy..quality!
  • Digital NRG – One stop digital solution powerhouse in Bristol and fully integrated ping pong social machine!
  • Paratus People – Smart talent solutions and fab new addition to the Ping Pong Fight Club family.
  • Bristol Business News – Group of skilled ‘ping pongsters’ and networking gurus, check ‘em out!

Ping Pong Fight Club got underway with our vibe master-in-chief DJ Thomas from Paris playing some serious bass-lined grooves and classic beats, as the players arrived to warm up and scope out the opposition.

Ping Pong Fight Club is all about making new friends and ‘frenemies’, a chance to meet like-minded ‘rivals’ or partake in potentially fruitful networking, whether that be across the tables or as a doubles team in our ‘buddy-up’ tournament. For the more libatiously minded, there was a chance to compete in the inter-company beer pong championships, with the more competitive folk heading to the ‘Pongbot Challenge’ to face our ping pong robots in a 30 second dual!

As the group rounds got underway, the intensity of the players and supporters went up a notch. Every game in the group rounds was a mix of victorious adulation and almost inconsolable disappointment, as the crowds sighed or fist pumped the air in support of their champions!

Sinews were stretched, matches were hard fought and screams of jubilation and groans of commiseration played out in equal measure. However, like with all great sporting occasions, there were winners and those that did not win (but won anyway!)

Going into the Ping Pong Fight Club Bristol 2019 Hall of Fame:

  • Ping Pong Fight Club Bristol Championships: Greg Kroll (One Hit Wonders) Runner-up: Ian Johnson (Six Degrees)
  • Chancers Championship: Winner - Oliver Roper (Smith and Williamson) / Runner up: Jensen Welch (Smith and Williamson)
  • Team Championships: Winners – (most points scored in tournament) – One Hit Wonders
  • Beer Pong Championships: Winners – Smith and Williamson
  • Buddy-up Doubles Tournament: Orcan and Simon (Bishop Fleming)
  • Pongbot Challenge Championships: Kieran (PRG)
  • Loudest Supporters Trophy: PRG

Huge big ups to all our amazing Ping Pong Fight Club crew that brought some order out of the chaos, our partners Table Tennis England for supporting our mission to spread the gospel of ping pong and Paintworks for letting us have their incredible venue to play, party and compete in.

We will be announcing Bristol 2020very soon at www.pingpongfightclub.co.uk/bristol and you can follow all the action from our 2020 Tour via our social media channels: (Twitter) @PingPongFightcl / (Fb) @pingpongfightclubofficial / (Insta) @pingpongfightclub

Next stop is Ping Pong Fight Club London March 19th 2020 www.pingpongfightclub.co.uk/London