25 October 2018

Ping Pong Fight Club 2018 - The Depot

Join maverick businesses from across Cardiff in a spectacular inter-company ping pong tournament, party and networking event! Fourteen Tables, 64 Ping Pong Gladiators,16 companies, 100’s of supporters and more entertainment than you can shake a paddle at!

Choose a package, pick your team and gather your ping pong party crew! Tsingtao pro table to be won!

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Fight Club Teams

Some of the teams that have competed…

Deep Mind Deliveroo Expedia Funding Circle Index Ventures King Lastfm Lend Invest Moo Ticketmaster Zopa

Fighting for Good Causes

Fighting’ for Great Causes
In each host city we donate 5% of all the registration fees to a locally based charity and our champion’s nominated  great cause.

We also host an online raffle page for a chance to win some awesome prizes donated by our wonderful Ping Pong Fight Club companies, the proceeds of which are added to our overall donation.

If you’d like to donate a prize and have your company profile featured on our raffle page, please get in touch – we’d love to have your support!

Fight Club Promoters

Launched in 2011, Pongathon are a leading ping pong entertainment brand. We’re widely recognised as pioneering social ping pong in the UK through our successful residencies, corporate activities and a national programme for universities. We specialise in team and client bonding events and international tournaments.  

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